EBooks for Sale by Owner

Writing an entire ebook may seem an arduous task, which it can be. But in these information age days it’s really unnecessary.

Today complete eBooks can be purchased and re-sold by you as the author it’s called private labeling but there is a catch.

First you must not think of a private label ebook the same way you would think of an original piece of literature being written for you.

It may be easier to comprehend the concept of private label books in the same way that you would think of private label catsup. When your local supermarket wants to sell their store brand catsup they don’t go in the back room and start stewing tomatoes instead they go to a large (and hopefully good) catsup producer willing to put anyone’s label on their catsup for a price.

The store then uses their reputation, distribution channels and special pricing to sell as much catsup as they can. Unless they make special provisions with the real catsup producer essential their catsup could be exactly the same as someone else’s in a different shaped bottle!

Likewise when you are buying private label eBooks or information products you are essentially selling the same information as your neighbor on the Internet.

This could be embarrassing if you try to pass it off as your own work and get caught.

But by simply changing it a bit that fear can be abated.

Normally when you buy private label right’s products it comes with the rights to change the content to your liking. While it takes some work to change private label products and make them your own it is far easier than starting from scratch.

Look closely at private label rights products you are planning on buying and make sure that you understand the rights to the products you are considering purchasing are compatible with your goals.

Also keep I mind that the laws of supply and demand are at play here.

Not all private label rights pricing reflects the quality of the material involved. A very well written ebook may be sold thousands of times for pennies and require massive overhauling to make it seem unique from the heard, while a piece of similar quality may be sold to only a handful of people in limited quantities for considerably more.

The latter requiring less overhauling due to its severely limited distribution giving it a far lower chance of customers of finding it duplicated elsewhere.

Either way private label content is a great way to shave the tons of work of your schedule!

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