How to Sell Digital Books on ClickBank

ClickBank Makes Publishing Easy

Do you have a passion for a particular pastime and wish you could share it with others? Have you written books about a particular niche but don’t think you have the technical knowledge and connections to get your book published?

Well, think again! ClickBank has created an easily accessible and easy to follow process for self-published authors to promote and sell their books to millions of potential customers. And their publishing tool is affordable and reliable.

Some of the primary reasons for using ClickBank include:

Reliable payment processing that is guaranteed secure

Low start up costs of a one-time $49.95 product activation fee (as of this writing)

Fraud prevention

No merchant account required

Both credit cards and PayPal are accepted

Excellent customer support when needed

More than 100,000 active affiliates and have a global reach

Experienced in promoting and selling niche products

Accessing ClickBank to sell your digital books starts by joining ClickBank. It only takes a few minutes to complete the registration process and obtain your password to get started. You can upload your content and determine the list price (retail) you want to charge for the book. Your payment is based on a percentage of the total price and ClickBank receives a share of the sale as well.

Once you upload your content, set the price, and pay the one-time product activation fee, your electronic book is promoted to the marketplace.

Does it sound too easy? That’s because it is easy, but it is also effective and ClickBank has successfully sold hundreds of thousands of books and products through their system. If you don’t believe it, check it out for yourself. Click on the ClickBank link and learn more. Test drive the process for your first eBook and you’ll soon be working on more books to sell through the system.

If you ever need help with anything related to the publishing process, the ClickBank customer support team is always ready and willing to help. But it is likely that you will be able to go through the process with no customer support help at all because ClickBank has made their system user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Start selling your digital books today by accessing the ClickBank website and registering on the site. Once you complete registration, you are ready to upload your content and watch it soar through the system for publication within a matter of days. Seeing your digital book in publication will give you the inspiration and desire to write more books and you’ll be glad you took the time to explore this resource.

Good luck writing and publishing – we’ll see you on ClickBank!

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