Special Touches Can Make or Break You.

Adding perceived and real value to your eBooks and other downloadable information products can be accomplished in many ways. Having original well written content is of course the most important. For those that research and compile useful information but do not have topnotch writing or editing skills professional writers can be found on line at place like elance.com, rentacoder.com and ebookedit.com at reasonable prices. This is the standard or starting place though really for a successful information or ebook product.

To make sure that your customer is wowed by the purchase they made, you will want to up the perceived value of your products by making the initial first impression they get when opening it as favorable as possible. The first impression the customer makes when they open the download will greatly affect the value they put on the information inside. Ultimately this will even affect the return rates of information products that are purchased.

So how do we accomplish creating this all important first impression economically?

We need to make the ebook as visually appealing as possible.

How is this accomplished?

Adding pictures is a good start. Finding and adding great pictures to eBooks which can be obtained through free photo sites is a great start. Often just by asking permission and notifying the artist how there picture will be used is all it takes.

Adding info graphics to explain hard to visualize concepts is also a great way to add color and piazzas to an otherwise gray looking ebook. Using Open Office Draw or similar programs to create pie graphs, bar graphs and other info graphics is a great way to impress purchasers of your products at a glance.

Making a clickable table of contents, will add ease of use for the customer and demonstrate professionalism and build legitimacy for your content. It’s also a feature ebook readers have come to expect and one off the reasons they choose buying eBooks online versus taking the alternative route and buying hardcover and paperbacks from your competitor.

Adding borders and page number should also be part of your standard ebook creation procedure as well as picking out an easy to read font.

As more and more of the world switch from traditional paper to electronic books the electronic book or ebook world will become even more competitive. It is essential then that you either become acquainted with these techniques or have someone on your team who is.

You simply can’t ignore adding special touches to your information products if you wan’t to succeed in today’s marketplace. After all, you do only get one chance to make a first impression!

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