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Six Additional Free Keyword Research Resources

Even though Wordtracker will likely be the foundation of your keyword research, there are a number of other free tools that you should take advantage of. #1 SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool. Interestingly, the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool ( uses data from Wordtracker. This tool also uses information from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft all in one interface. #2 NicheBot Classic. Another free resource that incorporates Wordtracker data is NicheBot Classic ( One of the key features […]

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An Introduction to Keyword Research.

If you?re reading this article, then you probably already know you want to set up your own online business. But it can be difficult (and a little overwhelming) to know where to start. In fact, once you start doing your own research on where to begin, you may come across advice that could seem contradictory. The fact that there is so much advice out there (some of which is sometimes contradictory) should’n?t be surprising. Keyword research is […]

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