Promoting Your Own Ebook

Of course if you create your own ebook you will want to get it in front of as many people as possible for as little work and cost as possible.

You could go on Twitter and tweet every hour “Hey just wrote an ebook” and leave a “tiny url” but that would probably get you un-followed faster than eBooks would fly off the virtual shelves.

Is there a better way?

Well what is your ebook about?

If your ebook is about home schooling for example you could answer tweets about problems that deal with homeschooling and simply put a link to your sales page on your Twitter profile this way people who read and follow your good advice would be interested in you look at your profile and purchase your ebook considering the information you give away on Twitter is so good it easy to assume your ebook is even better.

You could use this same strategy in forums related to home schooling as an unobtrusive way to earn respect in the home schooling community and looked to as the go-to-guru for all things home schooled!

The trick is not to appear over bearing and to self promotional. These are real people on forums looking for solutions to their problems and not expecting forum posts to be mini commercials.

Tact and patience are the watch words in social marketing. People who understand this gain large fan groups in social media and this large fan base translates into sales.

You can also start a blog about home schooling. Blogs are free, and rank high in the search engines as long as new content is added regularly for specific keywords used in titles of blog entries. You could use a blog to develop a fan base of people interested in homeschooling and also create both advertising for your sales page with your blog and a vital link to your sales page.

Buying the keywords “home schooling” from search engines and creating your own snappy little Adwords campaign is also another great way to get people who are interested in homeschooling to see your ebook. The process is easier than you would think and the directions can easily be followed at the search engines website.

Another free and easy way to get your website some visitors is to remember to put it in your signature as a link at the bottom of your emails.

This way every time your email is forwarded an intact link to your sales page will get passed along.

There’s almost no end to the free and easy things you can do to promote your ebook and buy the time you finish this article the Internet may have changed again already and you may discover a new form of self promotion that wasn’t there yesterday!

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